Nighttime encounter puts Navy pilot near UFO

A-4 Skyhawk

A-4 Skyhawk. (Wikimedia Commons)

MYSTERY WIRE — A 1966 UFO encounter describes a US Navy pilot’s experience with a “blue dot of light” over Indiana that he was able to approach to see more detail.

“It appears the lights are moving in a clockwise direction, and there’s a dome of light,” says Capt. Les Horn. His description appears in an article by the Anchorage Press following Horn’s presentation in April 2018 at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Horn, now retired, lives in Eagle River, Alaska, just northeast of Anchorage.

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The encounter is unique — a nighttime encounter based completely on visual observations by Horn, confirmed by the radioman in the back of the A-4 jet, outfitted for carrier training. Horn said he didn’t have inflight radar, just “air-to-ground radar.”

Mind you, I couldn’t tell because I had no point of reference. This is at night, black night, the moon wasn’t up yet. That light could have been right outside of my instrument, right outside of my canopy, or it could have been 10 miles away. I didn’t know where it was, but it maintained, it looked like to me, kind of a constant distance, but it came around me. I was talking to center all the time and telling them, and it came around and it took a position on my wing. And I say on my wing, but I didn’t know how far away it was. And there it sat.

Les Horn, former US Navy captain

Through the encounter, Horn’s ground support said they did not detect anything on radar, but they gave him authority to go anywhere he wanted, assuring they would support as he continued observing the “bogey.”

Horn says he was not a UFO believer.

“I didn’t go along with any of that, but now this was happening. This was different. Now something that I didn’t understand was in my world and it was kind of uncomfortable.”

When it was all over, Horn was sure it was a large object, which he described as “non-Newtonian” — “no wings suspending or holding this object up against the forces of gravity. And it also moved in very jerky motions, especially when it started accelerating away from me. Any structure that I was familiar with would have just torn itself to pieces pulling away like that.”

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