Notable UFO podcasts and videos now searchable after years of work

Above Top Secret

MYSTERY WIRE — We love podcasts. And videos — well, we can’t live without them. Best thing about the Internet, right?

If only search engines loved them as much. Because searching for that obscure reference in your favorite podcast can really be a challenge. And wading through screens of search results usually leads down a path most people never intend to follow.

It’s a reason to appreciate the years of work someone puts in to help you hone in on what you’re looking for.

Take the time to explore one such effort — an important one — directed at podcasts and videos on the UFO topic, with plenty of attention to other topics as well.

EXPLORE: Above Top Secret’s presentation of searchable transcripts

Above Top Secret has leveraged the work of Isaac Koi — a pseudonym — and now more than 2 million pages of transcriptions from notable programs are searchable. Koi, burned a few years ago in dealings with the UFO community, retreated from the public eye to focus on projects that mattered to him.

See more about Koi’s background on

The branches of Koi’s efforts go in many directions. His deep explanation of the methods behind developing this pile of information will likely go unnoticed by many. And the detail of what makes it work will be lost in the next technological advance that makes the information even easier to get at.

“Just Google it.” Superior technology is available already. But it will be a long time before search engines recognize the information as the most relevant to your search.

The hard work of isolating the information for the people who care the most about it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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