‘On the Trail of UFOs’ a new direction for crew that made ‘Minerva Monster’


MYSTERY WIRE — A documentary crew called Small Town Monsters plans to premiere a new miniseries: “On the Trail of UFOs.”

Part of the crew’s investigations included checking in on Area 51 after news broke about the #StormArea51 events. The crew interviewed 29 people in 16 states about UFO sightings and encounters, according to a Cleveland Magazine report.

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(Editor’s note: Dates in the Cleveland Magazine report are no longer valid. The event has been moved to April 26. Follow @SmlTownMonsters on Twitter for further updates.)

The Minerva monster cited in the article is at the heart of what Small Town Monsters is all about: storytelling. Tracking down interviews after events that are often “the biggest thing that ever happened” fuels their production on interesting subjects.

As they prepare to release the UFO series, they are revisiting their first film, “Minerva Monster,” on its 5-year anniversary. In that documentary, they interview the family about a 1978 bigfoot sighting, and how it turned their lives upside-down.

UFOs present a bigger target, and a bigger audience.

“We’ve never had people in power taking it as seriously as they seem to be now,” says Seth Breedlove, leader of the documentary crew. “Every day, there’s some new mainstream news story about UFO sightings.”

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