Open the UFO files, most Americans tell US government in new poll

UFO poll Piplsay

MYSTERY WIRE — The US government should declassify its UFO files, 61% of Americans say in a poll released today.

The Feb. 11 Piplsay poll posed several UFO questions to 30,741 Americans as the British government prepares to make previously classified files available on the Internet — expected to happen this month.

Other findings include:

  • 63% of Millennials and Gen Xers are curious about the US UFO reports
  • 58% of Americans think the government still investigates extraterrestrial life
  • 39% of Americans think the government carries out secret alien missions at Area 51.

Another interesting question asked: Have you personally witnessed any UFO sighting? And 23% responded “Yes, maybe”

Piplsay’s poll found that 60% of the 4,161 people surveyed in the United Kingdom are excited about the UK decision to declassify UFO reports, and 28% said it would create “unnecessary madness.” And 12% said they don’t care. The 22% “yes, maybe” response to the UFO witness question was about the same as the results in America.

For complete poll results, see UFOs are back! What do American enthusiasts want?

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