Pandemic lock-down likely cause of increased UFO reports

Detroit strange lights

Unidentified lights seen swarming over Detroit on April 3, 2020.

MYSTERY WIRE — We are currently seeing a spike in UFO reports around the world. Some say this is due to more people being at home due to the coronavirus lock-downs in place all over the world.

According to one report, the current increase in April is about 30% above a normal month. The author states, “The last major spike in sightings came in 1989 with a raft of people reporting seeing unexplained ‘flying triangles’ rumored at the time to be top secret stealth bomber test flights.”

Recently, Mystery Wire spoke with Jan Harzan who is the executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Harzan told us, “We’ve actually seen a slight uptick because more people are now home and out walking the dog … so we’ve actually seen a slight uptick in sighting reports.”

If you have seen something in the sky you can’t identify, you can report the sighting here on the MUFON website.

Here is a portion of the interview with Harzan about the increase in sightings:

JAN HARZAN: We’ve asked our investigators not to go meet with witnesses, so they’re doing everything by phone. But other than that, it’s been pretty much steady as she goes.

GEORGE KNAPP: Are there types of cases; daylight, nighttime, what’s going on?

JAN HARZAN: Well, we’re getting some really interesting cases of Tic Tac type shaped UFOs. I think before we would call them cigar shaped, but because of this new shape that came out with the US Navy two years ago, we put the term Tic Tac into our sighting reporting form. So we’re actually seeing some very, very good videos coming in with Tic Tac type videos that people would like to see, they can go to our website and we have them right there on the homepage on the left side down. You can watch some of the videos. But what’s really interesting is with Elon Musk, and over at SpaceX launching the starlink satellites, we’re getting inundated with starlink reports from all over the world. I get them every day people are describing it, I know exactly what they’re talking about. And the other one is right now at this particular point in time, Venus is extremely bright in the western sky right after sunset. And we’re getting a lot of great videos of Venus smiling back at us. So between those two things, we have our hands full.

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