Former U.S. Navy fighter pilot David Fravor was commander of the elite Black Aces F-18 squadron in 2004 when he had a close-up encounter with a UFO shaped like a large “Tic Tac.”  That encounter was reported in December 2017 in a front page story in the New York Times. In an exclusive, one-on-one interview, Cmdr. Fravor tells investigative reporter George Knapp the technology he saw that day is far beyond anything he’s seen before or since. Previously unaired interview from May 18, 2019. First of 3 Parts.

George Knapp: You would think it’d be worth the investment of $20 million to pursue what could be revolutionary technology.

David Fravor
David Fravor: The 2019 interview:
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David Fravor: It would change … literally the technology, if you go from what I saw, which is very close to what Bob (Lazar) describes, that would change mankind. It would change our life. I mean, they just announced, and it was in Fox News today, it begins with an “H” … some company … is looking at a plane that basically … like SR-71 type. You know, mach … you know, 3,500 miles an hour. You can go from London to New York in 90 minutes. So it’s going to basically go up to 80,000 feet, haul ass in the light air, and then come back down. Great. You got one of these things, that’s like so old and obsolete. Because now you could take off, you could literally pull one of these out, go straight up, zing someplace — as long as the human body could withstand it — drop down, do what you need to do and leave.

David Fravor
Former U.S. Navy Cmd. David Fravor, left, talks with investigative reporter George Knapp. (KLAS-TV)

Knapp:  It’s one of the reasons why you believe what you saw in 2004 was not ours.

Fravor: Like I said last night, I think a lot of it was, if you’d asked me in 2004, I didn’t know. My thing is it’s now almost 15 years later. And that technology is still there. No one has figured it out, or no one has seen it. You can hide stuff. You can hide stuff for a long time. But hiding stuff for 15 years is … I think it gets harder and harder and harder.

Knapp: Something that revolutionary.

Fravor: Yes. I mean, it’s literally … Why would you hide a huge technology leap for mankind if you have it? Patent it and make gazillions of dollars. Even if the human body couldn’t do it, but you could just use it for shipping, where you’ve got something and — because we don’t know, was there someone in that, was it remotely piloted? I don’t know. But what if it just goes up and moves? I go, you literally change the world.

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