Quantum physicist’s interest in UFOs is personal … very personal


Deep Prasad during an interview on the Hot Air podcast.

MYSTERY WIRE — Deep Prasad burst onto the scene fairly recently, commanding attention with thoughtful leadership and a reputation as a young, smart quantum physicist.

But why the interest in UFOs?

It’s personal. As in, first-person contact with extraterrestrials.

Prasad divulged his story on Twitter recently, and it is summarized on several websites including Unexplained Mysteries: Quantum physicist describes alien encounter and True Blog: Quantum physicist telepathically communicated with extraterrestrials.

A profile of Prasad on Punk Rock and UFOs delves into his background, and says he “could be the future of tech.”

His “time capsule of the mind” on Medium.com predicts, “We will discover we are not alone in the universe.”

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