Is there life after death? Businessman offers near-million dollar prize to find out

Is there credible evidence to support the existence of an afterlife? A Las Vegas businessman says he will spend a million dollars to find out. Las Vegas space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, known for his funding of UFO research projects, has launched a new project.
The Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) announced a global essay contest. BICS is seeking input from scientists, religious scholars, consciousness researchers, and anyone else who can provide evidence of an afterlife.

Skinwalker Ranch, UFOs, and life after death discussed in exclusive interview with Robert Bigelow

Las Vegas space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow announced the creation of a new project, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies, which hopes to stimulate new research into the survival of human consciousness beyond death.
In an exclusive on camera interview, Bigelow shared with us the personal experiences–and losses—that prompted his interest in life after death, as well as UFOs.
In this excerpt, Bigelow discusses possible connections between consciousness research and the UFO subject, including the risks of trying to establish communications with the unknown.

Robert Bigelow Opens up about AAWSAP, the Tic Tac incident, weird events on Skinwalker Ranch, the connection to consciousness

Aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow made a cryptic announcement in September 2008 in a radio interview with George Knapp. Bigelow revealed that he had just created BAASS, a subsidiary of Bigelow Aerospace, and that BAASS had entered into a partnership with an unnamed entity to study the UFO mystery and related phenomena.
The public didn’t know it at the time, but one week earlier, Bigelow had signed a contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency to carry out an investigation under the umbrella of AAWSAP, the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program.

Robert Bigelow clears the air about Bob Lazar

A once obscure military base in Nevada is now known all over the world. Area 51 has inspired books, movies, news stories, and conspiracy theories. The man who put Area 51 on the map is a UFO whistleblower named Bob Lazar.
Bigelow has never spoken about Lazar publicly until he sat down with Mystery Wire.

Bigelow says aliens “right under people’s noses”

Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow raised eyebrows and public interest when he made a provocative comment to the CBS news program 60 Minutes back in November 2017. Bigelow told correspondent Lara Logan that aliens are already here on Earth, “right under people’s noses.” Since the program aired, UFO-curious folks around the world have wondered what Bigelow meant with that controversial statement. During our recent sit-down with Bigelow, we asked him.