Santana and spirituality: ‘Angels’ just one way to identify invisible guides


Supernatural themes run through his music, and Carlos Santana is an expert on making the human spirit soar. But has he had personal experiences with spirits … angels … aliens? Santana touches on these subjects and much more in a wide-ranging one-on-one with investigative reporter George Knapp. This previously unaired interview was recorded Nov. 2, 2016, in Las Vegas. First of 2 Parts.

Carlos Santana: Well, I’ll validate you. I love watching you on TV. I see you, you know, I’m part of the community, I live here. And I love that you have passion for integrity and righteousness. I know that you move around, and you bring light to a lot of subjects that need to be addressed. And so I salute you for that.

George Knapp: I appreciate that.

Santana: We’re doing the same thing.

Knapp: I appreciate that. You know, we mostly chase bad guys and I don’t get to do something like this all the time. I’m just thrilled to be doing it.

Santana: And that’s the good thing. You know? Just the fact that you’re bringing light to people who — maybe they’ll even change by being exposed, you never know. But I love that you’re transmitting a frequency of bringing a healing or, you know, correcting.

Knapp: I want to ask you about healing. By the time this airs, it will be after the election. So, whatever happens, happens. I’ve never seen an election like this. I’ve never seen it so nasty and negative and our nation so divided. You’re a healer. How do you heal this?

Santana: All you have to do is sell T-shirts. T-shirts that say “My light will see me through.” Because these elections are like Copperfield. It’s all an illusion — the illusion of selling fear. Quite frankly, they just both selling fear. And so you have to go with saying this is a lesson in how the clever fools can become like ministers, and wrestling. In fact, I saw a person who used to be like that. It was, I forget his name, he became … he was so clever, he became like a wrestler ministry. That way he had both of them together. And Muhammad Ali learned a lot from that because he copied Gorgeous George. So he’s he convinced people to pay money to come and see him lose. So that’s what this is, this is all illusion about getting people to invest in the illusion that we need something that they have. And they are. But the real reality is that love will always conquer fear. Regardless to … because when you see … when I see Donald Trump, it’s no different than Ronald Reagan, or LBJ or Nixon. It’s the same guy with a different face, you know? And we survive all of them. So I’m into a place where I get to believe that these children right here and what Andre Agassi is doing, and Steffi, and you’re doing and I’m doing, we’re doing the opposite of selling fear. We’re promoting love, unity, harmony. I believe that with all this stuff that is happening, America is really thirsty now because of this stuff. America’s thirsty for righteousness and integrity. And we’re going to get it.

Carlos Santana

The Interview

  1. Santana and spirituality: ‘Angels’ just one way to identify invisible guides
  2. Santana talks to spirits of Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Knapp: Spirituality. It’s been a theme in your work your whole career. the person you’ve become now. Is Las Vegas a spiritual place. Is it a good fit for you?

Santana: Oh, yes, absolutely. I’ve been here for almost seven years, maybe more. And what I’m learning here is that because of people like you, we need to promote even more and more around the world that what is happening around the Strip. Now, the positive thing about the Strip is that you have supremely talented people who can do things, almost like the X-men, like mutants, you know, with the, with the stuff that they do like Cirque du Soleil. I mean, it ain’t easy to do. You have to be you have to prepare months and months and months just to be an acrobat of that stature and that perfection physically to do now, so I salute what’s happening in the Strip with with the talent and everything. However, Andre Agassi school, Three Square, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. You know, all of these other things that need to be promoted and five o’clock in the morning or 60 minutes, because there’s an army of people that I call “weapons of mass compassion people.” And people don’t see that. They just see Las Vegas to come to Las Vegas to be an adult. Like a child living out your fantasies or whatever. That’s what they promote. But in reality, when you come in here, this place … it was like rubble two months ago, and now a state of the art shopping mall with a lot of employment for a lot of people. So I see the positive thing about Las Vegas and I think that this is going to set the standard for the rest of America. Because I believe here in Las Vegas, we can have our own TV show like they do in L.A. or New York with those late shows. The late lame shows, I call them. You know, because they’re really boring and now funny. They’re just really boring. Here we have the talent. And we need to have a host, a woman or a man, who can broadcast across the coast a different kind of frequency.

Carlos Santana
Guitarist Carlos Santana and George Knapp. (KLAS-TV)

Knapp: You and I have pursued some of the same kind of topics over the years. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of my stuff. I’m a UFO guy. I chase UFOs, which have led me into some strange directions.

Santana: God bless you.

Knapp: About whether we are alone and there are other other entities around us. What’s your take on that stuff? What do you think? Are we here by ourselves or is somebody else here as well?

Santana: Absolutely not. You know, everything that you see on the iPads and all this format. We … it didn’t come from like necessarily a mind — unless it was like Nikola Tesla, you know, or Einstein. A lot of technology of making pictures move and enhancement in this and that, and touch this. A lot of it, I think we traded certain things from the E.T.s. You know, because if you talk about the things in the ’50s that we have today, they will call you crazy. And now it’s like, kids know it. They gravitate like ducks to water. Dolphins to water. They just know it. So the technology that we have today obviously was given to us by a different mind than the human mind.

Carlos Santana
Guitarist Carlos Santana and George Knapp. (KLAS-TV)

Knapp: I know you’ve had experiences that some people would call supernatural. Have you ever had an encounter with something unknown like that?

Santana: Every day, you know, since I met Cindy. I pray for her and sure, sure enough. You know, there’s no difference between what we call the invisible, intangible  guardians, angels, people who accompany you. Some people call it from other galaxies. But see, we have friends like J.J. Hurtak who, you know, who they, you know, there’s a language for example, and I’m going to say it really clearly because this will help a lot of people with their behavior. You know, this is what we’re here to do is help the humans with their behavior. Humans are bent on self-destruction, and sabotage their own spirituality. So here it is. If you’re put into a school or any institution like this, “You cannot behave appropriately unless you proceed correctly.” Okay? And then the other side, you put, “Once you perceive you’re a beam of light, you carry yourself differently.” That’s not religion. That’s a different kind of like … most people are gonna say, “What?” You know?

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