Santana talks to spirits of Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan


His soaring guitar solos mirror Carlos Santana's spirituality, and his music finds inspiration through communication with music greats past, including Miles Davis and Stevie Ray Vaughan. So it might not surprise you when Santana tells investigative reporter George Knapp that the spirit is eternal. This previously unaired interview was recorded Nov. 2, 2016, in Las Vegas. Second of 2 Parts.

George Knapp: I read once that you get visits from Miles Davis once in a while. Does that still go on? Does he come to talk to you?

Carlos Santana: Yes.

Knapp: And it’s really him?

Santana: Miles Davis. Stevie Ray, I haven’t had one from BB. But Stevie Ray. Last time, Miles came to visit me on my birthday. He, as we were talking backstage, he had a thing like this, and he was writing something. And then he put it in there. And then he gave it to me. And as soon as he gave it to me, I woke up and I was like, man! But it always shows up, and really what he’s always trying to tell me is the same. Utilize the spirit of music to elevate, transform and illuminate. Entertainment is something else. But if you utilize music to wake up people to the fullest spiritual potential, then if you notice musicians who can really really, really, really, really play, they’re always looking up like that. Like they’re looking at, beyond that ceiling. And then they bring it down, and then they play it, and then people get chills, you know. So that’s what we say. Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.

Carlos Santana

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  1. Santana and spirituality: ‘Angels’ just one way to identify invisible guides
  2. Santana talks to spirits of Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Knapp: Seems like you’re in a good place.

Santana: Yeah, I am.

Knapp: In your mind in your life. Yeah, you’re in a good place.

Santana: I’m so inspired you know being here next to you and in this institution because I love that you are committed to transmitting a frequency of revealing another way for humans to conduct ourselves. So I salute you for it.

Knapp: And one last question, talking about Miles Davis or BB King or Stevie Ray coming to see you. How does it make you feel about what comes next, after we die? We don’t die?

Santana: We don’t die. No we don’t die. I’m encouraged because I believe that … I used to believe something that used to say, “To live is to dream. To die is to awaken.” Okay, that would work back then, but it ain’t working now. Right now, I’m living the dream. And here, with a body or the other side without a body, I’m still going to get it done … with joy. Because I’m that kind of spirit. Unstoppable. Like you, I’m unstoppable, immutable. That gives me joy, you know, because I get to daily see a transformation of cynical people, arrogant people, you know non-believers. You know, Cindy and I … that’s what we do. As soon as we go on stage and we hit it. People are like, “Oh! Oh!” You know, and they’re, they’re … we assault their senses with a sound resonant vibration frequency that makes him believe again, beyond being cynical.

Carlos Santana
Guitarist Carlos Santana and George Knapp. (KLAS-TV)

Knapp: You had an album called “Shaman.” Are you a shaman now? Have you achieved shaman status?

Santana: Oh, yeah. Yeah, a shaman is someone who heals, which means correcting mind arrangements with believing that you can touch perfect perfection.

Knapp: Right? You want to say Happy New Year to Las Vegas?

Santana: Happy New Year, and we wish you a glorious, glorious 2017.

Knapp: It’s great to meet you.

Santana: Likewise. You’re something else, man.

Knapp: Hey, I want to send something to you. If I can have a mailing address. I wrote a book about shapeshifters. And I’ll send it to you. You might find it interesting.

Santana: Yeah.

Knapp: Sure. Yeah, seems like you’re in a good place.

Santana: Yeah, you too, man.

Knapp: You’re so positive.

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