Satellites, AI and UFOs: Hypergiant might revolutionize the search


MYSTERY WIRE — A private company is working to bring advanced technology to the study of UFOs.

Ben Lamm, who runs Hypergiant, sees a need and says safety is a primary reason — we need to know more about what people are seeing, and whether it presents any danger. And he’s got his hands all over capabilities to aim satellites and artificial intelligence at the problem.

In an interview posted today on Vice / Motherboard, Lamm talks about his company’s direction:

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Hypergiant is scheduled to send up an instrument in March that can take 3-D observations from a perch on a satellite. If successful, Lamm intends to follow up later this year with the first of at least 30 satellites — an eventual “constellation” that will monitor objects in flight around the planet.

The AI capabilities would allow sensors to learn what’s a normal aircraft and pay close attention to the things that don’t fall into its catalog of easily identifiable objects. The possibility of generating loads of data on the phenomenon is starting to catch attention.

Will Hypergiant be a big player in ufology? Or will the tech run afoul of military secrecy?

According to another source, Ben Lamm is one of the scheduled speakers at “Contact in the Desert,” which is scheduled between May 29 and June 1, 2020. That event is loaded with well known speakers including Nick Pope, Whitley Strieber, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe and John Lear. The event at Indian Wells, California, includes events around Giant Rock and the Integratron.

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