LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A highly secure military compound known as Area 2 is one of the most sensitive sites in the desert Southwest because it is home to multiple nuclear weapons. According to air force security officers, Area 2 is also home to numerous incidents of high strangeness.

This photo shows Area 2 within Nellis Air Force Base. (Photo: Duncan Phenix)

The infamous Area 51 military base, known as the site of cutting-edge technologies and secretive projects, might not be the most sensitive place on the sprawling Nellis Air Force Base range. 

This shows the location of Area 2 to the main base on Nellis AFB.

This is Area 2, just outside of Las Vegas, and known for years as a place where nuclear weapons are stored and guarded. As with other nuclear weapons sites around the country, Area 2’s nukes have drawn the attention of aerial intruders, unknown craft that have been seen hovering over the weapons bunkers.

The same security officers who’ve confirmed UFOs over Area 2 say there have been multiple encounters with something even stranger. 

This photo shows Area 2 within Nellis Air Force Base. (Photo: Duncan Phenix)

“And when I turned around there was this black mass form, I don’t know what you would call it. It looked like a, I don’t even know how to describe it … like it looked like a person but it didn’t have a definitive like shape of the head,” said Chris Cabrera, former air force security officer.

George Knapp: “Like vague, like a mist or something, or no mist.”  

“It was black. It was like, like a dark blob but it had like around the top, like a head almost and almost like the shoulder,” Cabrera said.

Another security officer confirmed to Mystery Wire the stories about intruders on the ground inside the weapons compound, described by security as shadow people. Both full-length videos below.

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