Surviving the ‘apocalypse’ – real and not so real scenarios


MYSTERY WIRE — Times are tough all over. With concern over how long the Covid-19 pandemic will be leading to ‘shelter in place’ orders, some say it feels like the end of the world or the apocalypse. This got us thinking about other apocalyptic situations.

The web site, has put out several scenarios and speculations about what would happen. Note to reader: these are just scenarios and in no way actual instructions, only suggestions.


The first is a threat many of us face daily, but will never see it coming. A major earthquake can throw an economy into shambles and leave emergency services stretched thin. Ranker reported, “In 2015, the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast estimated there was a 93% chance California would get hit with an earthquake measuring at 7 or higher on the Richter scale by 2045.”

Surviving the quake and aftermath is all about preparation. You need to check the structural soundness of your home or building. The you need to make sure you have a survival kit filled with enough water, food, medication, hygiene products, clothes, and needed documents. Some also say you need a bug-out-bag with smaller amounts of what’s in the survival kit.


What if a computer virus shuts the internet down? This might be many people’s worst nightmare on face value. But remember, humans lived without Facebook and cat videos for millennia. What we don’t have now, though, are the older styles of trade and commerce.

So how do you get through this? Back up data on physical drives, and continue to use safety protocols. This way you can have it if the internet returns. Beyond this, quickly learn to interact with other humans.


Boom goes the volcano. For many this seems like an extremely unlikely scenario. But we can all be severely affected by a major eruption. In North America, there are several large volcanoes that could not only cover miles of land in feet of ash, the larger, finer ash cloud will travel thousands of miles. In times of super-volcanoes, like the one below Yellowstone National Park, the ash could take the world into a new ice age.

So, could you survive? Likely you would make it through this scenario, but would face challenges along the way. According to Ranker, “the warning system for supervolcanic eruptions isn’t exactly sound, so living more than 100 kilometers from any volcanoes is the best way to ensure survival. Since ash from the eruption can contaminate soil, air, and water, it’s best to keep a supply of clean water, canned foods, and respirators handy. Cultivating a garden of your own would offset the loss of farmland covered in thick layers of ash.”


We’ve see this next scenario in movies. What if large Solar Flares And Subsequent Electromagnetic Pulse hit earth knocking out electricity? This would happen when charged particles leave the sun and travel to Earth, sending electrical currents to the surface. Technology would be fried; GPS, phones, internet, radios, and satellites would be out of commission.

Surviving this, again, would mean returning to older ways of living for most. But to protect yourself and equipment from the actual pulse takes substantial preparation. It might even come down to government fortification of the country’s electrical infrastructure. Existing power grids would also need to be shut down before the flare occurs.


Now the one we’ve all thought about and probably watched a few television shows about: a zombie outbreak. OK, so we’re not saying it could happen, just asking what if it happened. If you go by Hollywood rules, a pandemic with unexpected effects or a bio-engineered virus would be released into the population, turning infected people into brainless zombies. The zombies, of course, feed on the flesh of the living, hunting down food sources tirelessly. The infection would spread via blood and saliva, making those bitten or attacked likely to turn.

Can you survive as a human during a zombie outbreak? It really would depend how prepared you were. Did you have your survival kit ready? Did you have your bug-out-bag handy? And if the zombie TV shows are correct, do you have weapons? Technically, it will be the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) heading up the search for a cure. That is until the zombies get through the front doors. And most of all, don’t forget the double-tap.


Now we’re talking! It’s an Alien Invasion taking over earth. We all know there are many scenarios when it comes to an alien invasion. Most of them involve the alien beings enacting a premeditated plan to destroy, conquer, or make friends with humans.

Can you, or humans in general, survive this alien invasion. First, let’s just hope they’re nice aliens. Problem solved. However, if some UFOlogists and Hollywood are to be believed they will not be the friendly ones. So, again, did you have your kit, bag, and weapons ready? You might need to act now to create a network of trusted friends and figure out several ways of staying in communication.

We know there are many other scenarios out there, but these were just a few we found interesting. Throughout history, people have told stories of the apocalypse only to have history tell a different story. However, every now and then it happens. And the big question is are you ready?

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