Take a look at all photographs from pilot who flew close to Area 51


Someone drew a giant “UFO” with arrow on the desert floor near the NTTR. (Photo: Gabe Zeifman)

MYSTERY WIRE — Recently, we showed you some of the pictures that private pilot Gabe Zeifman took while flying over the Nevada Test & Training Range and close to Area 51.

The response to his photographs has been overwhelming. So along with posting some of the better photographs here on Mystery Wire, we have uploaded all of them, almost 500 pictures, to a Facebook album. Now you can browse them at your own convenience.

However, please remember these photographs were all taken legally, Zeifman is a professional air traffic controller and knows the laws surrounding airspace. He also had clearance to fly where he did over the course of three flights from the Nellis Air Force Base tower.

See all of Gabe Zeifman’s photos here

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