The experience: Deep Prasad reveals details of his encounter


In startling detail, physicist Deep Prasad recounts an experience that drew him deeper into the subject of UFOs and alien intelligence. The young scientist speaks with investigative reporter George Knapp about the life-changing event. Previously unaired. Recorded Feb. 18 at the UFO Mega Con in Laughlin, Nevada.

George Knapp: So you join the conversation, you expand the boundaries of it, you tell people, I’m interested in this. Here’s what I think. And then it’s like the universe reaches out and grabs you by the throat. Tell me about the experience.

Deep Prasad: Basically. Yeah. So I’m working in my … so, I run my own little company, right? And so I try to get all the admin work, all the work I don’t like doing, out of the way first. So this is 9:40 in the morning, and I’m in my room, just like sitting against my headboard and sending emails on my laptop. And I put down my laptop for just a second to pick up my phone. And as soon as I do that, I get this, like … it’s like I knew exactly what would happen next. That’s the weirdest part. One of the weirdest parts about this is that I felt like I knew that I’m about to go through an experience. And I’m even going to call it an abduction, because that’s the best word that my brain can come up with. Like, these were my … this all came to me within half a second, or maybe milliseconds. And then I realized that I couldn’t even move, and I started freaking out.

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  1. UFOs, physics and business compete for Deep Prasad’s time
  2. The experience: Deep Prasad reveals details of his encounter
  3. ‘A different reality’ involved with his encounter, Deep Prasad says

Because when you lose full control of your body, your motor cortex, that’s never happened to me before, like, while being consciously awake, and suddenly you just can’t do anything. It was terrifying. I thought that … I ran through a bunch of emotions. So my mind was running very quickly. Is this a seizure? Nope, doesn’t look like it. I can still like move my eyes and stuff. I’m not convoluting or anything or convulsing. Am I dying? And so I scanned the room just with my eyes for like, I did about two scans. And then by the time I get to my third scan, I see this shimmering object. It’s like, it’s a white outline with like these big black eyes. And initially, I thought … this can’t be real … I must be making this up, right? I must be hallucinating this. Suddenly it became completely solid, completely materialized. And I see this being. It’s about three to four feet tall. Its head is massive, probably the head alone was about a foot. Very robotic-looking. The whole thing that it was wearing was like one uniform snow white space suit, like it was very pure white, with like this golden insignia in the middle that was constantly changing colors. Sorry … not changing colors, changing symbols. And so … that was weird in itself. And suddenly two other beings materialized the same exact way, right next to it. And initially, when I saw that, I wasn’t even that scared. I was more scared that I couldn’t move. That was freakier. And I figured, alright, if I look away these things are going to be gone … I’m dreaming this or something. And I looked around and I like, looked back and now they’re just walking around my room, like they owned the room. And I was terrified. I was like, terrified and fascinated, because I was like, holy crap, these things are real? Like, these stories I’ve read, they’re … people might not have been lying. That was one of the most profound realizations I had. I was like, now I’m one of them, too. Now I see what they see. Now I see why this drives people, right? And so, even that, like throughout the whole time that I was still so in disbelief, but it was so real, and so in-my-face that it was still scary, very scary, initially. So, I would try to move myself and I couldn’t move anything other than my neck. And that was a weird part. So, I moved my neck a little bit, just about an inch, and I feel like extremely nauseous when I did that. So like I was fighting like the paralysis, you can say. And as I did, their craft sort of materializes through my roof. So, my roof disappears and I can see their craft sort of submerge through the roof. And I was like, that’s not possible. It definitely made it seem like either my room was a fake image or that was like a fake image being overlaid across my eyes. Then I put my neck down a little bit more, and suddenly my entire room was gone. And all I could see is that I’m inside the entire craft now. And I felt super sick to my stomach, like very uneasy, not out of fear or anything. It just it was some weird reaction. Not sure why I was feeling nauseous. I couldn’t handle that feeling. So I went back … put my head back down and … my room is back up again. And I only see my room and these three beings. And now they’re projecting these hieroglyphics. It was sentences in paragraphs. Imagine if I had like subtitles floating in front of me. They were like dark red symbols. It was like, I describe it as a mix of Egyptian and Japanese. And they were just flipping from the bottom up, really, really fast. Just flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, paragraph, sentence, and it’s hovering right in front of my wall, like above one of their heads. And one thing that I think is worth noting is that there was only one English symbol that was shown about three to four times, everything else was these hieroglyphs.

Knapp: And what was it?

Prasad: DNA in capital letters. It was frustrating because I knew that … I realized that even if this is my mind or whatever, it knows English, like whatever these things are. But they’re refusing to use English words. I don’t know what this is, you know, it was extremely frustrating. But also, I was super fascinated. I was studying their movements. I was studying exactly what was going on, and trying to do my best to remember these symbols. I can only remember expressions. Imagine if I just showed you Chinese for the first time, right? Could you recreate any of the characters? I can’t, so, … but the fact that DNA in capital letters was shown, that really stuck with me. It means that they find it relevant.

Knapp: Was there any communication other than the symbols? Was there any mental communication or verbal?

Prasad: So, I heard like verbal voices when I was completely … when I’d move my head completely, and I could only see the ship. And it sounded like they were telling me to relax or calm down. And it was a female. It was multiple voices, but it was a female one that told me that it’s okay. So, that was it. There was also music that I heard in the middle of the experience. Completely out of context, had no meaning to me at all. And it was about three or four seconds of some weird rock genre, you can say, and the lyrics … the best way I can describe it, it was like English that was developed in a parallel universe. So, it sounded like English, but not exactly. Like as if it followed a different evolution of his own. There was also, yeah, other than that there was no other way of communication that I can say happened.

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