‘The Phenomenon’ is part fact, part theory, and a movie, too

Tic Tac UFO

This image is from the “Tic Tac” investigation.

MYSTERY WIRE — Matthew Forman calls it The Phenomenon.

It’s an interpretation of facts, theories, and an educated guess at explaining the links between what we know and what we have yet to learn.

And UFOs are a big part of it.

Typically, any mention of UFOs is made carefully with reference to the trap of associating UFOs with aliens and extraterrestrial intelligence. Not so, for Forman and The Phenomenon. With no apologies, Forman speculates that UFOs are indeed an indication of higher intelligence monitoring human activity.

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Not secret US technology, not Chinese or Russian advances, and certainly not weather balloons. Forman argues that UFO visits to nuclear weapons facilities are the evidence that answer the question of “why” aliens are here, but he says they are not aggressive. Instead, he says aliens are monitoring us as we grow ever closer to annihilating ourselves, whether through nuclear war or a slower destruction of our planet.

“The Phenomenon” is also the title of a motion picture due out in the fall of 2020. It’s a James Fox film presented by 1091 Media in association with CE3 Films. See the trailer below:

Forman, a PhD student studying experimental particle physics, has also written on dark matter:

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