MYSTERY WIRE — Secret and Top Secret documents related to the Tic Tac UFO incident in 2004 are still being withheld from the public, an article posted Wednesday on “UFOs – Documenting The Evidence” suggests.

And even the video itself is now in jurisdictional limbo more than two years after the Pentagon OK’d its release.

See the detailed analysis of the Office of Naval Intelligence response to a request made by researcher Christian Lambright here.

The “FOIA” request, as in “Freedom of Information Act,” prompted a response six weeks later. Sadly, that’s lightning fast for FOIA requests. Lambright’s specifically-worded request deftly anticipates all the terminology misdirection and government silo barriers to a satisfactory result. But in the end, he got a fairly direct “no.”

The reasons? Sources and methods of intelligence activities would be revealed, and “scientific and technological matters” related to national security would be out in the open.

An agency known as NAVAIR — Naval Air Systems Command — has apparently taken control of the video, and it is classified as Secret.

Top Secret is reserved for information that might reasonably cause exceptionally grave injury to the national interest if release. A classification of Secret applies when the compromise of information might cause serious injury to the national interest.