To The Stars message targets the elusive ‘ordinary people’


Tom DeLonge speaks at the event announcing “To The Stars Academy” in 2017. DeLonge is a co-founder of the band Blink-182.

Tom DeLonge and his To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science partners have a lot of interesting things to say, but who are they talking to?

That’s the question posed by a article that dissects TTSA’s audience and how the message is reaching them. And it’s revealing to see how the medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan said.

You won’t see Luis Elizondo or Steve Justice in a shouting match with their detractors, self-described ufologists who say the government is the enemy. That audience already believes UFOs are real.

Instead, TTSA has approached “ordinary people” through the channels they are familiar with already. A documentary on the History Channel is a prime example. DeLonge’s “Sekret Machines” science fiction novels are based on actual events. The article assesses TTSA’s goal as removing the stigma that has long been associated with simply believing that UFOs could exist. And just in the past month, TTSA has formed a partnership with the U.S. Army to cooperate on development of technology.

It’s an inclusive approach that is reaching its audience.

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