MYSTERY WIRE — Rock stars don’t usually need an introduction.

But in the case of Tom DeLonge, his incredible fame was little more than a foot in the door to a journey he desperately wanted to take. We might have never known about the “Tic Tac” UFO without his persistence.

The DeLonge dossier

His decision to leave superstardom as the frontman for punk’s Blink-182 to politely ask in on tightly-held government secrets about UFOs — and to get what he wanted — seem so unlikely that skeptics pick apart details and accuse him of a role in a disinformation scheme.

“Why him?” That’s the chorus from doubters, who think the government would have chosen a scientist if they were going to let anyone into their circle of trust.

The answer might have been his youth, and his connection to the young fans that adored him. The message needed a messenger … one that people could trust much more than the faceless federal bureaucrats who controlled the vault of secrets.

DeLonge formed To The Stars Academy, and set about the business of finding truth behind years of coverups.


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