Tom DeLonge tells New York Times UFO admission from Navy due for decades


LAS VEGAS — The New York Times talks to former Blink-182 star Tom DeLonge about his credibility, and the decision to reinvent himself to be part of the discussion about UFOs in an article posted online Sept. 26.

The interview follows last week’s statement from the U.S. Navy that video showing UFOs taken during training missions is indeed authentic, news first reported by investigative journalist George Knapp on May 18.

A Knapp interview less than two weeks later with former commander Dave Fravor indicated there had been “dozens” of recent intrusions by highly sophisticated, unknown craft. Fravor is the same pilot involved in a 2004 close encounter with the so-called “Tic Tac” UFO off the coast of Southern California.

DeLonge and Luis Elizondo spoke to the Times about their efforts to advance UFO research and analyze possible evidence with the cooperation of government scientists and experts at the top of all scientific fields.

As the interview closes, the Times reporter talks about his own UFO experience and DeLonge relates a story “anomalous” lights he saw in the desert sky.

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