Dissecting misinformation and pulling truth out of it leads Tom DeLonge to conclusions about what the government is doing. He tells investigative reporter George Knapp that the scale of what’s happening in the middle of Nevada is far bigger than we know. Previously unaired in its entirety. Seventh of 8 parts.

George Knapp: One of the people you’re talking to — and I don’t know if I give this away, but it’s sort of out there — is Bob Lazar, who was sort of a central figure in the story about Area 51 that we told. Bob, in conversations with me over the years, has acknowledged, “Yeah, I could be part of a disinformation thing to distract, or misdirection or something like that.” He acknowledges that. But he saw some technology that seems to be beyond what is known. So it occurs to us, to him, maybe to you, that both are true. That it is misdirection and truth at the same time.

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Tom DeLonge: Well, that’s how disinformation works. Anything that the gov … you know, if the government puts out something that says an apple is … an apple is fluorescent blue. You know, you’ll say, “No, it’s not.” But if they put out something that says, “An apple can be red or green, but it’s a little blue on the inside.” You know, okay, well, I can believe that maybe, because that’s a real fact mixed with something I’m not totally sure of. So that’s how they do things. I’m not sure about Bob Lazar’s story. I’m sure it happened. And I’m absolutely sure that all those things were real. I’m not sure if it was set up or not. But I will tell you this, this is what I’ve learned … and look how, like I really know. But I think this is how it works, you know, you got to step back. And so what was achieved by the entire Bob Lazar story. There were two things that were achieved. When you step back and look at all of it from from a 30,000 foot view, the two things were that all the alien hardware and all the reengineering was happening at that location, Area 51. The second big thing was that these were aliens from a place, a planet called Zeta 1 and 2 Reticuli. So those are the two big pieces of information. And if I was going to do a disinformation about those two things, I would set that up. That way, everyone’s looking at this location, because we’re actually doing it somewhere else. And the second thing is, “Hey, those aliens are super far away. Don’t worry about it. There’s a big epic distance.” Because the truth is, is they’re here. And they’ve always been here. And that makes sense to me. That’s just how my brain works. So I’m wondering if his story was put together that way to camouflage where it’s really happening and where this phenomenon is really located.

Knapp: You’ve been out at Area 51 though, you’ve taken the trip yourself?

DeLonge: Yeah, a couple times

Knapp: Obviously it’s a key part of telling this story.

DeLonge: Yeah, I have. It’s a lot of fun. We found one … there’s one area up near Tonopah that we’ve been able to camp out a couple times now. You can’t see the base — Area 51. But I’ll tell you, you see the whole valley of the Nevada Test Site, and you’ll see a few radar dishes. And it’s … and at nighttime, you might see one little blinking light, maybe two blinking lights. You put on some night vision goggles, especially ones you gotta fill out State Department papers for — I got some really nice ones — you put those on, there’s 30 bases operating. You see things in the sky, you see things flying, you see things flashing, you see all these facilities glowing and happening. It’s unreal. They have so much going on out there it is just … it blows your mind. Especially to be out in the middle of nowhere. Where we go, we’re 200 miles from the nearest gas station, either direction. And you go … you look at this place, and it’s like they’re building an empire out there. It’s unreal.

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