Richard Dolan: There are uncontrolled leaks that are occurring and I’ll just very quickly mention something that I consider and I called the leak, the UFO leak of the century. And this is a leak of 15 pages of notes purportedly and I think genuinely by Dr. Eric Davis, formerly of the National Institute of Discovery Science, now associated with Dr. Hal Puthoff and working with To The Stars.

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These are notes that he took, I believe in 2002, after a meeting with former Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, who had been head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs back in the ’90s. And in these notes, Admiral Wilson is telling Dr. Davis about his discovery of deeply classified program to study extraterrestrial technology. And although he seemed to be legally authorized to have regulatory authority over it, was denied access. And this is a very detailed series of notes. There’s no question that this is genuine, truthfully. And so it is only a matter of time before this goes beyond the UFO community, where it’s really rocking the community right now, to the wider community. I don’t know when that will happen, but that’s going to happen.

Richard Dolan

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Richard Dolan is the author of “UFOs and the National Security State,” a two volume book covering the UFO phenomenon from the 1940s to present day.

George Knapp: It’s hard to dismiss it when you’ve got the names that you’re mentioning as being involved. And of course, the NIDS guys, they got bashed — as TTSA I did — in their era as being shadowy and mysterious. But it’s an interesting group of people that went on to be BAASS. And some of them went on to TTSA.

Dolan: Yeah. Yeah. So I think — and actually, you could really say this is a group of individuals, at least loosely, that is tied to the old legendary Aviary.

Knapp: Yeah.

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Dolan: And, you know, to John Alexander‘s advanced theoretical physics group out of the Pentagon back in the ’80s. You have a group of very, very, somewhat plugged-in very smart guys who are interested in UFOs. And my take has always been they’re working their way through the labyrinth, doing what they can to figure this out. And a few of them are getting very close to the center, it seems to me.

Knapp: They’ve been working their way through the system without getting in trouble.

Dolan: Right.

Knapp: Trying to learn what they can both inside and outside.