UFO question posed to Democratic candidates leading up to New Hampshire primary


MYSTERY WIRE — The New Hampshire presidential primary is less than a week away, and at least one reporter has the UFO question on his mind.

While none of the candidates has been particularly vocal about the possible existence of UFOs, reporter Daymond Steer of The Conway Daily Sun is putting the question out there whenever he can. Specifically, he’s asking about the “Tic Tac” UFO incident, which was reported by former US Navy Cmdr. David Fravor.

Fravor lives in a town about 35 miles southeast of Concord, New Hampshire’s capital. Conway is about 75 miles north of Concord.

It’s a line of questioning that’s taken seriously, and shows how the UFO topic has evolved as more information becomes available. In 2008, Democratic contender Dennis Kucinich was laughed at following a statement that he had seen a UFO. No one’s laughing now.

So far, Steer has asked Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders and William Weld. He’s making somewhat of a name for himself, and he was featured in a Thursday report on Motherboard.

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Here are brief summaries of the candidates’ replies, with links to full articles published by The Conway Daily Sun. (See also, videos from the Daily Sun.)

PETE BUTTIGIEG: Buttigieg likes his odds in N.H. primary (Jan. 6, 2020)
He repeated a popular opinion, “It’s very unlikely that we’re alone in the universe.” He also has an interest in space, listing Sally Ride (America’s first woman in space) as one of the three people in history he’d like to have dinner with.

AMY KLOBUCHAR: I’m well-positioned to win (Dec. 30, 2019)
Klobuchar on the Tic Tac UFO: “I don’t think we know enough.” She said science and the military should advise, and that journalists should continue digging. She stopped short of saying the government should disclose more about what is known.

DEVAL PATRICK: Candidate Patrick stumps in North Conway (Dec. 23, 2019)
Patrick said he didn’t know what to make of the Tic Tac report, but it isn’t his first exposure to the topic. “I will say, though, I have met other pilots, commercial pilots, who have said that there are things that they’ve seen in the night sky, mostly the night sky,” said Patrick. “I used to be on the board of an airline, I talked to pilots who told me about that sort of thing.”

BERNIE SANDERS: Sanders gets real with Sun editorial board (Jan. 20, 2020)
Sanders emphasized that he’s not “a full-fledged believer.” He responded to a question about the 2004 “Tic Tac” UFO incident, saying, “Of course we have to explore that, if it’s true.” He also said his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, would “demand” disclosure.

WILLIAM WELD: Weld: Trump’s conduct scream removal (Jan. 2, 2020)
Weld sees a high likelihood of extraterrestrial life — probably smarter than us. “So does that admit the possibility of space exploration by them? It does. I mean, it’s a little too convenient to have it be a flying saucer thing. I think it might take some other form that we couldn’t see so readily, but I would never say never.”

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