MYSTERY WIRE — A Pentagon report about UFOs should be in the hands of Congress by now. It is unknown when an unclassified version of the report will be made public, but there are some things already known about what is and is not included.

The UAP Task Force, formally created by Congress in 2020, was given a mere six months to put together an overview of a decades old mystery, a daunting task made harder since only two staff members, working part time, were assigned to write the report.


First, there are two reports, one a longer classified version written for Congress, and a second, much shorter version to be released to the public.

Second, the report will not have a statement that extraterrestrials are among us. There will be no mention of the Roswell crash or spaceships at Area 51. And no analysis of unusual debris or alien bodies.

Third, both reports focus on well-documented incidents in which military assets encountered genuinely unknown craft that seemingly demonstrate technology beyond anything that exists in the U.S. arsenal, starting with the 2004 U.S.S. Nimitz Tic Tac encounter.

The Tic Tac video is known all over the world, but the public has never seen sensor data recorded by the Nimitz carrier group.

The first comprehensive analysis of the Nimitz encounter was completed in 2009, a document Mystery WIre first made public three years ago.

The Navy, which has the classified sensor data, still considers the Tic Tac to be a genuine UFO, an unknown.

The same is true for the 2015 encounter with a “fleet of unknown objects”, one of which was nicknamed the Gimbal.

There are at least 120 other puzzling incidents examined by the UAP Task Force, many of those include photos and videos. Among them are also photos and bizarre videos recorded by the Navy off the west coast.

The report will leave open the possibility that some of these craft could be foreign-made drones, though there are serious doubts that China or Russia have made such a technological leap.

If the objects are not of human origin, as the report suggests, and weren’t made by adversary nations, then the bigger question of whose they are remains.

The report does not have an answer to that lingering question.

One possible recommendation from the Task Force to Congress that might be included in the report is that a permanent, fully funded study should be authorized.