UFO shaped like a key seen flying over Massachusetts


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MYSTERY WIRE — Just a few days ago, a strange looking object, or objects were seen flying high above Plymouth County in Massachusetts. A local man thought fast enough to pull out his camera and hit record.

An anonymous man documented the sighting March 3rd on the ET Database blog. And while it’s hard to make out the exact shape of the object, from afar it does have the shape of an old skeleton key.

The video lasts about 2 minutes. You can hear the man recording the video and another man talk about the object. He does not zoom in during the recording, but you can easily see something in the sky. At one point you also see what appears to be a passenger jet fly across the sky.

The object flew parallel to our heads, I would say no further than the length of a football field away from us. I saw that it was about the size of a helicopter, if not larger, but couldn’t tell what it was. That is why I took my camera out and began filming. By the time I got my phone out, the object had already begun accelerating away from us. While it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually traveling forward at a great deal of speed. 

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Scott Waring, who wrote about this on his blog, wrote, “My first though its its many black balloons tied together so they can’t fly away, however they should not be lined up like this and if it were balloons it would not be able to accelerate and speed away.”

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