UFO sightings spike


MYSTERY WIRE — Around the world there are several groups and people keeping track of UFO sightings. One of them is the National UFO Reporting Center.

In an article by Mental Floss, they report that according to the center 5,971 sightings were reported in 2019. Alone this is a large number. But when compared to 2018 it’s dramatic.

The center took in 3,395 sighting reports in 2018. This is almost a 76% increase in just one year. However, when you look back at 2017 there were 5,056 sighting reports, or a 15% decrease.

Top 5 states for UFO sightings according to nuforc.org since reporting began

  1. California – 9,608
  2. Florida – 5,378
  3. Washington – 3,903
  4. Texas – 3,532
  5. Pennsylvania – 3,155

Nevada and New Mexico are also known as UFO sighting hot spots. But according to NUFORC’s numbers both states are middle of the list. There have been at least 990 sightings in Nevada and 1,043 in New Mexico. As you can see in the graphic below, if you include data from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) the numbers are a little higher.

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