UFO-themed gifts galore at Stratosphere’s ‘Alien Store’


For those looking for that unique gift, there’s a store at the Stratosphere Casino & Hotel that offers an out of this world kind of experience. Or, maybe you just want to add to your own collection this holiday season. Aired on Dec. 23, 1999, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

The halls are decked and so is the floor,

There was an alien head hanging over the door,

Just a hint of the uniquely E.T. décor.

This is one weird little shop tucked inside the mall at — where else — the Stratosphere. The merchandise is all alien all the time.

Say, is that A Christmas Carol playing in the background? Naturally, the store includes a virtual shrine to “The X-Files,” with busts of you know who. X clocks, X tapes, all things X.

There are obligatory monuments to the “Star Trek” crowd and the “Star Wars” Pantheon, including a one-of-a-kind telephone that we suspect could get real irritating after a few dozen rings.

You want aliens, they’re everywhere. Flying bloodshot alien eyeballs, frisbee-style alien faces, assorted alien action figures, all manner of alien stuff that glows in the dark or sticks on your fridge. Tired of looking at the Oscar or Emmy on your mantle. You can replace it with a shiny alien statuary, including an alien rock band and an E.T. golfer with a mean slice. With the alien anatomy kit, perform your own autopsies and see what strange organs you pull out of the body.

Gifts and gimmicks galore at The Alien Store at the Stratosphere. (KLAS-TV)

Nevada’s own Area 51 gets special mention throughout the store: A T-shirt from the Area 51 totally topless joint, which is both top secret and X-rated, a greeting card from the Area 51 Country Club which is home of the black-hole-in-one, and “My parents honeymooned in Area 51 and all I got was this lousy mutation.”

For the more serious, there are more UFO documentaries then you can shake a crashed saucer at.

But most pervasive of all is a sense of humor. Ever wonder about alleged cattle mutilations? A mural on the wall explains it all — “Got Milk?”

The truth may be out there, but it’s a sad truth: The fact that someone in Las Vegas has more assorted alien doodads than yours truly.

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