MYSTERY WIRE – In November 1989, KLAS TV aired a nine-part investigative series titled “UFOs: The Best Evidence”.  The public response was overwhelming.  Six months later, a followup series was launched, including interviews with many of the best known UFO investigators in the world: Dr. Jacques Vallee, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, authors Budd Hopkins and Whitley Streiber, journalists Bill Moore and Timothy Good, Bob Lazar, John Lear, and many others.

The series began on April 30, 1990.  It focused on conspiracy theories, paranoia, disinformation, and false claim made by some UFO luminaries.  The series aired only once and the reports have not been seen by the public in 30 years. Below, you can watch all 8 parts, as they aired, 30 years ago.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 1

As of 1990, more than 20 million Americans had reported seeing an unidentified flying object, better known as a UFO. In part 1, George Knapp explores why humans want to know more about these experiences and finds out who was reporting them.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 2

Rachel, NV is now best known for being the home to the Little A’Le’Inn, where UFO parking is allowed. But before that it was just the Rachel Bar & Grill. In part 2 George Knapp speaks with the owners. He also raises questions about Bob Lazar’s claims about Area 51 and the site known as S-4 where Lazar claims the U.S. government had alien spacecraft.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 3

In part 3, George Knapp takes a deep dive into the allegations of the government’s involvement in what’s called a campaign of disinformation. Plus, why Nevada, home to Area 51, became ground zero for UFO intrigue and reports of flying saucers.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 4

All is not fair when it comes to UFO research. And disagreements between ufologists and within the UFO community have become regular occurrences. We also examine how researchers are getting their information. One famous example was, “the Falcon.” Plus, how the researchers were able to debunk a seemingly real recording of a U.S. astronaut recorded talking about “alien spacecraft” while in orbit.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 5

Bill Cooper

Scammers and con-men. This is what we’re examining in part 5. We look at the many reasons people study and talk about UFOs. Some are legitimate, but others are just looking to make a quick buck. George Knapp shows us one man who just couldn’t quite keep his elaborate UFO story straight and why this man claimed anyone who questioned him were “agents of MJ-12.”

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 6

Abduction stories: all over the world there are stories of people being abducted by aliens. But as we find out in part 6, reports of abductions are even less credible than reported UFO sightings. So why are so many people coming forward with these fantastic tales? We speak with an abduction researcher to find out who these people are and why they speak up.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 7

Abduction investigations: there are many different kinds of abduction claims. In part 7 we look at some different types and talk with the people who investigate them by doing interviews and hypnosis. We look at a well known Las Vegas murder that some people say is directly linked to an alien abduction claim. Plus, does the media, TV and film, influence people’s stories and memories? And we speak to a researcher who says he has “an ace in the hole” to tell whether abductions are linked.

UFOs: The Best Evidence? Part 8

Government cover-up? Not only do we examine if all of this talk of UFOs is part of a vast government cover-up, we also ask and find out why it might actually be a good thing to have the government keep some secrets from the general public. And finally, George Knapp reveals if his year of research for this series changed any of his opinions on the topic of UFOs and the evidence for and against them existing.