Where do religions stand on the alien question?


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MYSTERY WIRE — The world’s fourth-largest religion is more open to the possibility of extraterrestrial life than the top three.

Buddhism stands ahead of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism as the religion most friendly to the possibility of alien life, according to a Gizmodo roundup of seven experts in religion.

In particular, religious scholars identified Mahayana Buddhism as the most open to such thinking.

Maybe aliens would be more at home in Beijing than in Boston?

A 2015 Pew Research study showed Buddhism has fewer followers that then unaffiliated population in the world. A growing number of Americans are adopting Buddhist faith. Most Buddhists in China are born into the faith.

Religions leaders who have responded to direct questions about extraterrestrial life have said their religions do not rule out the possibility, but one of the experts quoted by Gizmodo said Christianity has a unique problem. Human life is given an elevated position in Christianity, and that suggests potential problems if humanity ever encounters extraterrestrial life.

Some smaller religions are practically devoted to extraterrestrial life — Raelians and Unarius, for example — but are perceived as cults.

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