MYSTERY WIRE — Giggles and laughter began the exchange between an unidentified reporter and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the reporter did end up asking two questions about UAPs, better known in the public as UFOs, flying within restricted US military airspace.

The White House answered two questions about the upcoming Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) report due to Congress in June.

Below you can read and watch the exchange:

I wanted to ask you about the phenomenon known as …

The giggle gives away, I don’t know what this question is.

See I’ve already ruined it here. (laughing) But this is quite a serious issue, there are these unrecognized objects in US airspace, they’re also known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (Phenomena), I understand, and I wanted to see, there’s a DNI report that I understand is going to be released soon. Can the Biden administration commit to releasing it in full?

Well, that would be a decision for the Department of National Intelligence to make as you noted.  We’re aware of the report requirement and our team at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is of course actively working on that report. And we take reports of incursions into our air space by any aircraft identified or unidentified very seriously and investigate each one. But ODNI would be working on that report and in terms of disclosure that would be up to them.

I guess in all seriousness though can you characterize the president’s concerns about these phenomena? I mean it is this concept of objects in U.S. airspace that are either originating from other nations or other entities, but what is the concern of the President that this phenomenon seems to occur in the national security apparatus?

Well I think broadly speaking the fact that we have a team that’s actively working on a report, certainly the safety of our personnel, security of our operations, our air space are of paramount concern. Whether that is identified or a–unidentified aircraft. And we don’t discuss that publicly for a range of reasons but certainly the president supports the ODNI putting together a report and following through on that commitment.

White House News Briefing – 5/25/2021