Wyoming a ‘hot spot’ for sightings of ‘serpent’ UFOs


MYSTERY WIRE — Reports of serpent-shaped UFOs have surfaced across the country this year, and a recent media report out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, says the state is a hot spot for sightings.

The reports have occurred from the Mojave Desert to Washington state, Wyoming and as far east as New York state.

People have described it as “snakelike.” The visual evidence did not accompany a report on a Jackson Hole news website, which instead showed a video of a light recently caught on video as it raced across the sky.

A British website, dailystar.co.uk, Tweeted video and photos purported to show the object, and the Tweets were embedded on some U.S. reports. This video shown on the dailystar site comes from Beams (British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) Investigations on YouTube, which says the video was recorded in June by a witness in Clayville, New York:

Speculation on possible explanations attributed the sightings to weather balloons, and some suggested that the U.S. government knew what was in the photos.

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